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Kaabo wolf warrior cooler

Kaabo wolf warrior cooler

This full suspension scooter is built to high standards providing the driver a sense of stability and comfort.  The addition of the cooler and seat add a level of safety by lowering your center of gravity.   Those high end brakes can now be used to their fullest potential without have to worry about flying over the handlebars.   The seat has its own firm custom suspension providing that extra comfort without any saddle soreness or loss of handling and suspension feel.   Ride for extended times without feeling saddle sore and take that load of ice cream with you.   The twin shock handle bars are super stiff laterally providing an anchor point during hard acceleration.  Scooter holds a 60v 35ah battery good for more than 70 miles at cruising speeds less than 20mph.  Aggressive  driving will yield half that.
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