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Welcome to Icebox Scooters

Unique and practical approach to fun personal scooters

Welcome to Icebox Scooters.  We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us. Scooter retrofit with yeti quality cooler and Harley style bobber seat giving the most comfort and stability.

Patent Pending:

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Icecream or whatever delivery on a performance cooler......  we are icebox scooters

Performance scooter equipped with cooler and modular bobber seat.  So far dualtron storm and kaabo wolf king have been retrofitted.  Working on nami viper as a third option.  Will post comments on the ride stability and handling.

Since being established in march 2021, Icebox Scooters caters to those individuals wanting to offset the high gas prices with a convenient and fun green eco-friendly transportation system.  

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Baesk8 run

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